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Last weekend was the finale of the US Open Tennis Tournament.  We salute Kim Clijsters and Rafa Nadal the 2010 champions!  Watching these and other champions of sports can give you tremendous insight into the mindset that it takes to become the undisputed market leader as a luxury real estate marketing professional.

For example, Ms. Clijsters is a previous champion from Belgium who recently took time off from the tennis circuit to have a child.  When asked if she was feeling the pressure of defending her title, she quoted the title of Billy Jean King’s book, “Pressure is a Privilege”. 

Venus Williams who made it to the semi-finals still believes that she has another major tournament win in her.  When asked a similar question she responded that she is focused on her own game and doing her personal best rather than on paying attention to the competition.  

Another semi-finalist, Roger Federer, the owner of 16 grand slam championships, was asked about the challenge of the heavy winds that were blowing plus the abrupt changes in climate, and how that affected his serve.  He stated that you could wake him up at 2 or 4am from a deep sleep and he could serve under any condition.  He inferred that it was just part of his consistent rigorous training that included working out in the blistering heat of Dubai.

Finalist, Novak Djokovic, was interesting to watch when he clubbed himself with his racquet and fought not just with Nadal, but also with what John McEnroe referred to as his “inner demons”-- those internalized judgments of others that can erode self confidence with self-degradation.  Contrast this to the self-appreciating mindset of two -time US Open champion, Kim Clijsters. 

What all champions and all those playing at this level know is very clear. They know what is at stake to be the champion.  In tennis and many other professional sports the prize money is considerable.  That is exactly what you need to keep in mind, as a luxury real estate marketing professional, if your quest is market leadership.  But, as good as the financial rewards can be, the real victory is an inner victory that comes from appreciating yourself and the opportunity to play at this level—the privilege of pressure.


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