Ariana Rose holding up an Amaranth,
Team Member of B.D's Earththrine Farms, Ojai, California

One of the most common mistakes that luxury real estate marketing professionals make is trying to be all things to all people.  Focus is mission critical in marketing luxury real estate and in company and personal branding as well. If you can focus on a specific niche, whether it is a neighborhood, or a demographic or a type of property and also be the best in your marketplace in that one niche, your chances of success will improve exponentially.

The idea is to become the first luxury real estate marketing professional to come to mind in that specific category of business. When you select the category that is best for you must:

  1. Select something about which you can feel passionate.
  2. Select a niche that is virtually uncontested, something that you can do better than anyone else in your marketplace.
  3. Select an under served niche that you can dominate and demonstrate your expertise

Here is an example of niche marketing that ties all three of these points together. At our farmers market in Santa Barbara, California, there is one farm that stands out as the best in class for organic herbs. Although, BD’s Earthrine Farms, from nearby Ojai, also grows and sells fruits and vegetables, in our minds, and in the minds of many local restaurants, Eartrine stands for the best herbs in our area. We never miss a stop at their stand.

On our last trip there we noticed a rather remarkable “flower” that looked like it came out of a Dr. Seuss book, called amaranth. In talking with Ariana Rose from Earthrine, she explained that the amaranth is actually the oldest cultivated edible vegetable. We suspect that most people would buy these fascinating vegetables as ornamentals but people around the world also value amaranths as leaf vegetables and cereals.

Are amaranths a big seller? Probably, they are not. But, growing them and selling them at the farmers market speaks volumes about the breadth and depth of Earthrine’s knowledge and expertise in lesser known organic foods which is their claim to fame. Their passion for what they do is palpable. Everyone who works there smiles and they do their best to make you feel good, too.

What is your claim to fame?


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