Instantly communicating your extraordinary promise of value as a luxury real estate marketing professional is the goal of strategic branding. It is a challenge to distill your marketing message, the benefits that will be derived by working with you, into just a few words. If you can do this through humor you have the opportunity to hit a home run.  If you can do this with video, you can hit a grand slam home run because video offers the opportunity to spark word-of mouth advertising and trigger viral marketing through social media channels.

You will remember the highly successful “Got Milk?” campaign.  That expression hit a chord and became a “meme” A meme is a concept that gets passed from one person to another like a virus.  In just two words, and some very humorous situations where milk as a thirst quencher was unattainable the Got Milk? ads conveyed the promise of value that only milk could satisfy.

Today, at the bottom of the Wall Street Journal Online was a curious miniature advertisement with a call to action that said “Visit Mootopia.  Roll over to explore.”  The ad was only two inches wide by ¾ inch tall. And, the idea of scrolling over an ad was intriguing.

It was an hilarious 30 second video that extended the Got Milk? advertising campaign.  In fact there were two additional, must see, 30 second videos that were also available to view adjacent to the video player.  Each video communicated in a humorous manner three benefits of drinking milk:

  1. Shinier Hair
  2. Stronger Muscles
  3. Healthier Teeth

 Check out the Mootopia Videos for yourself and you will see what we mean.

These videos were very funny and they were easy to recall which makes it easier to share with others. Distilling your marketing message and succinctly communicating your extraordinary promise of value is paramount in the game of marketing luxury real estate.  Tapping into this powerful opportunity of “Sharing” that social media offers can help you build your reputation more rapidly than ever before.


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