The Santa Barbara Mission

Luxury real estate marketing is all about romancing your marketplace. This week in Santa Barbara is our annual Fiesta known as “Old Spanish Days”. Each community has their special events, and an opportunity for involvement.  This five day event begins at the Santa Barbara Mission, the tenth California mission established by the Spanish Franciscan monks.

The original celebration began in 1924 for the purpose of commemorating and appreciating the history, customs, and traditions of the Santa Barbara cultural legacy.  Through the years, it has been an opportunity to enjoy the culture of the American Indian, Spanish, Mexican, and the early Western settlers. 

The Santa Barbara Fiesta draws thousands of visitors from all over the world. Performers are from various part of the United States and also from s Mexico.  Historically, celebrities such as Will Rogers, Shirley Temple, Delores del Rio, William Randolph Hearst, and Charles Lindberg have participated in the festivities. Parades, food, music, and rodeos, are just some of the highlights of this exciting home town party.


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