What if your closing gift could perpetually keep you “top-of-mind”, and create a buzz about you or your company for years after your clients take possession of the property?  If you have clients, in your luxury real estate marketing practice, who are passionate about the environment, here is a buzz marketing idea for you.

Buzz marketing is creating a remarkable story about you or your company that others feel compelled to pass along to their friends, co-workers and family. Great buzz attracts the media who is hungry for buzz-worthy stories. Online, buzz is like a virus that spreads exponentially as others share your story with a click of their mouse (or the touch of their screen). Offline, buzz is at the core of word-of –mouth advertising.  When you harness the power of WOW! you can trigger a chain reaction and unleash the driving force of  buzz!

Recently, we met with Steve Cushman, the CEO of the Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce.  He offered us a glass of cold purified water from a device that looked like a typical office water cooler, but without a bottle of water on top and no direct waterline.  The appliance, called DewPointe, is an atmospheric water generator that converts moisture in the air, an abundant inexhaustible resource, into as much as 8.4 gallons of filtered water per day. Now, that is a WOW!   

The DewPointe appliance was a gift to the Chamber by the Chamber member in San Luis Obispo who sells the appliance.  It is a gift that keeps giving. The buzz about the DewPointe in the Chamber office is a return on investment that keeps paying off.  

Imagine the buzz you could create if you gave your client the DewPointe as a closing gift.  Alternatively, you could attach a plaque with your company name and phone number on it and donate the appliance to a school, a service organization, to your church or temple.


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