As a luxury real estate marketing blogger do you feel like a fish out of water?  The source of the “disconnect” that you are experiencing could very well be your lack of passion about that which you are writing. If so, you are OFF your personal brand signal. Unless you discover both your passion AND your own unique voice, which is your personal brand and style as a blogger, you are much better off channeling your energy into other marketing strategies.

Passion alone is not enough! If you are passionate about what you are blogging, the trick is to discover how to present your content CONSISTENTLY in your own inimitable way.  You must be relentless, as your own editor, to STAY ON YOUR UNQUE BRAND SIGNAL.  If you need an outside opinion, hire an editor who can immediately tell when you are on or off your brand signal.

As we stated in Part 1 of this series, ORIGINAL content is what your target audience is craving! Regurgitated or generic information is worthless because your audience can find it elsewhere.  Eventually, they see right through you.  They will brand you as a copycat and stop following you.  Even worse, you will feel hollow (if you are honest with yourself) when you publish non-original material because you are cheating yourself out of the satisfaction that can only come from being original. 

When we coach authors and bloggers, which is a subset of our strategic branding practice, we are hired to help our clients discover their unique voice and DNA, to identify their inimitable brand signal, and also what they are most passionate about.   Usually, it is not a question of discovering something new. But, by drawing out their unique way of expressing their passion it confirms or reaffirms what they already know intrinsically. We help them by reminding them that they are like fish swimming in water but have taken the water for granted.  And, that is always a revelation!

We learned how to decipher and refine our own original ideas when we wrote an internet advertising technology patent in 2002 with our partner, John Ullmen.  It took us two years to file.  Our patent attorney was an absolute task master.  He was the fourth patent attorney that Bill Gates hired and actually wrote many of the patent policies for Microsoft.   He was unrelenting in insisting that what we wrote was original because it simply would not fly at the US Patent Office, otherwise.

Many, many times after arduous work, putting in many 18 hour days we would realize that what we thought was original was already originated by someone else. Finally, we were granted our patent in 2007 because there simply was no precedent (what is known as prior art) for our original work.

Without passion, you simply will not sustain your course of action over time, as a luxury real estate marketing blogger. The real rewards of blogging occur, in addition to generating new business, when your audience offers you feedback that you are indeed a one-of-a-kind author.

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