We were recently in Key Largo, Florida orchestrating a video shoot for our client, a luxury real estate marketing professional in Ocean Reef, which is an exclusive private community. We had the distinct pleasure of working with Frazier Nivens, the Emmy award winning film maker of “Sharks, Killers of the Caribbean”.  Frazier has over 30 years of experience as a videographer and also as a diving instructor. He has produced thousands of videos above and below water. 

It makes an enormous difference when you work with professionals who are experts at their craft.  The difference is in the attention to details.  This was immediately evident with Frazier’s command of lighting, his camera angles, and his overall ease of production logistics.  The savvy videographer views the video shoot with an editor’s eye, making post-production in the editing room easier for the editor.

Getting the sound just right is also crucial to the success of video production. This is particularly important when you need to mix the sound of multiple “actors”.  We also had the privilege of working with an outstanding sound technician, Gustavo, a professional who is truly passionate about his work.

When you see the end result, which we will soon share here on our Language of Luxury blog, you will immediately be able to sense the high caliber of video production which is important for marketing luxury real estate and also for video blogging in the luxury realm. 

Raising the quality bar in video production on your website and set you apart from your competition and help you to amass an audience of raving fans.  Anyone can point and shoot a video camera. Working with professionals makes all the difference in the world.  It can give you the superior competitive edge.


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