In marketing luxury real estate, you need a website with a brand identity that not only looks distinct from your competition but also offers distinctive content. This requires that you develop your own unique voice as a real estate expert. 

Let’s face it! The content on most real estate websites is mostly the same:  Property search, featured listings, and neighborhood information.  This content has become a ubiquitous commodity.  Some sites are more user-friendly, better organized and more efficient than others.  But, what makes a real estate website stand apart from the pack, besides a great look and feel, is original content that cannot be found elsewhere.  

There has never been a time when original thinking has been more important in marketing luxury real estate than right now.  That is because the medium of the internet (and search engines in particular) rewards iconoclastic thinkers, those who have the guts to escape the tyranny of status quo. This is a daunting challenge for most people who settle for sameness and conformity or are too afraid to stand out.

It is interesting to note that some cultures value individuality more so than others.  In Japan, for example, where the group is often a higher priority value than the individual, there is an expression that states, “If a nail sticks out, it must be hammered down”. 

Original content, however, that “hits the nail on the head” in terms of precisely answering the questions that web visitors are seeking, is sure to build an audience and create buzz.   Are you up for the challenge of escaping the tyranny of the status quo?


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