Mark Parker, Nike president & CEO and Kobe Bryant

Important lessons can be learned about marketing luxury real estate by studying what works and what does not work in the marketing of major TV sports events.  Because the games are live the likelihood that viewers mute the commercials (or not watch them at all in the case of digital video recorders) is considerably less.   But, the surest way to reach viewers who have a hot hand on their remote control is “product placement”.   

The best form of product placement in TV and movies triggers “buzz” or word-of-mouth advertising.  And, buzz marketing is a skill set that should be a top priority for you in 2011.

If the media hype for LeBron James has not been enough for you this year, brace yourself for the basketball game of the year on Christmas Day when the Miami Heat take on the 2009-2010 World Champion Lakers in Los Angeles.   Los Angeles is one of the biggest media markets in the United States for television advertising.  Watch how Nike, the masters of product placement, will be “killing it” this year.   Both Kobe and LeBron are Nike “spokesmen”.

The day after Christmas, Nike is coming out with a new Kobe basketball shoe named after Kobe’s “alter-ego” the black mamba snake, one of Africa’s most dangerous and feared snakes.  The shoes are black and grey.  But, for the Christmas Day game they made them in green.  The LeBron Nike shoe will be in red for the game. Not only will Kobe be wearing the shoe in green but all of those LA ticket holders with courtside seats will get a pair of green Kobe Nike shoes.  To afford those seats these people typically have huge spheres of influence (Jack Nicholson for example).

One of the best opportunities of social media is the ability to create buzz through contests.  The prize does not necessarily have to cost you anything if you can find a co-marketing product or service provider who is also interested in reaching the same target market as you. For example, this season, one of our luxury real estate strategic branding clients will be raffling off two Super Bowl tickets which is certain to create a buzz. 

What are some ways that you can become well known as a luxury real estate marketing professional through buzz marketing in 2011?


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