Koa Wood Box

As a luxury real estate marking professional you are expected to know your product inside and out. Yes, the luxury home you are selling is a product and superior product knowledge is one of the factors that separate the sales pros from the amateurs. In marketing luxury real estate what you know is just as important as who you know.

Your command of everything from wood finishing to high-end kitchen appliances to the variety of roses in the garden can establish your level of expertise as superior to your competition. It can also determine the speed of trust that you establish with your client as you demonstrate that you understand the nuances of what is or may become their most prized possession.

For example, Hawaiian koa wood flooring found in a mainland home is a rarity. Exporting it from Hawaii is no longer permitted because the koa population has suffered severely from grazing and logging.  The word koa itself means brave, fearless or warrior. Hawaiian crafts people have created magnificent hand-carved bowls, boxes and even guitars using this reddish wood which is very similar in strength to black walnut.  If one of your listings happens to have koa wood floors you need to be able to passionately convey the significance of this to potential buyers. 

One of the best aspects of being a luxury real estate marketing professional is also being a lifetime learner and a perennial student of the language of luxury. We suggest taking the time to go through each and every unique feature of your luxury home listing and doing some research on it.  Your buyers and sellers will appreciate your interest and attention to details. Plus, your value as a professional will appreciate over time as a result.


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