When going after the market leadership position as a luxury real estate marketing professional, you will often find that the incumbent is complacent and slow to adapt to new technology.  Those of you who can recognize when major trends are afoot and are quick to respond can make great strides in out-thinking your competition.

Steve Jobs said no Flash for Apple mobile devices.  Did this pronouncement stop consumers from buying Apple’s mobile products? Apple sold 4.2 million iPads in the last quarter.  But, what about those luxury goods online stores that built their websites on Flash?   When Jobs speaks, they have to listen, because if they do not their competition will.  Adaptation to change provides the competitive edge.

High-end clothing and accessories merchants have spent lavishly to liven up their e-commerce websites with video and animation that run on Adobe's ubiquitous Flash technology. It is understandable that they are frustrated with Mr. Jobs’ position.  But, customers are increasingly accessing the web while on the go via mobile devices. And, iPads are expected to be one of the hottest selling items during the Holidays. Target, Best Buy and even Verizon are now geared up to sell these tablets with the expectation of cashing in on Apple’s popularity. 

 Net-a-Porter.com, a top luxury online retailer jumped on the alternative technology to build their site and now has a competitive edge over megastores such as Saks 5th Avenue this season.  Being nimble in relationship to competitors who are more entrenched in the status quo can give you the leg up.


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