For luxury real estate marketing professionals understanding what makes you an original is one of the keys to a successful luxury real estate practice. If you want to be the standout in your marketplace originality, the quality of newness and the ability to depart from tradition or the norm, is a necessity.

When originality is accompanied by authenticity in your personal brand you have the ingredients to become an “overnight success” once you encounter the right opportunity. And, opportunities are plentiful if you believe in yourself.

Here is an example of the place where originality, authenticity and opportunity all came together and created a global personal brand overnight. The recent emergence of Susan Boyle, runner up contestant on the very popular British television show, Britain’s’ Got Talent, is a case in point. An ordinary Scottish housewife with a dream of singing Andrew Lloyd Weber songs like Elaine Page emerges as one of the crowd’s favorites and catches the attention of the world. On first impression, she does not resemble a Broadway star. However, she can sing like one. She is an original and she is authentic. These are the qualities that the populace at large can identify with and praise.

Often, as we are presenting the concept personal branding to real estate agents and show them our case studies, someone will make the quip, “ I will work with you if you can make me look like some of your clients who have movie star looks”. This is a telling remark, because people feel they have to be or look “a certain way”, in order to be a local celebrity.

We hope that the story of Susan Boyle ends that misconception. What a seller or buyer needs is a person that can do the job, someone they can identify with, someone original and authentic.

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