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As a luxury real estate marketing professional, your marketing materials must look and feel different, from the competition.Great packaging is crucial. Whatever you leave behind with home sellers at your listing presentation should stand out and scream “marketing savvy”. The way you market yourself is like a test drive of what your client can expect when you market their home.

Think about it!Basically, what is in that folder, the data and the conclusions reached on the selling price are generally pretty close; the market research is identical if your competition is also competent.But, your packaging should look good enough to stay on their coffee table, like a coffee table book!And, it should make your competitors materials pale in comparison.

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Here is a lesson from the world of marketing gelato or Italian ice cream.The word “gelato” means frozen in Italian. There is no gelatin in gelato as some people believe.We are aficionados of gelato in Italy.Our favorite is Vivoli’s in Florence, behind the Piazza Santa Croce church.We also treasure memories of hazelnut gelato sundaes sitting outside under the arcades in Torino.

Recently, on a whim, we decided to buy some gelato to go with the wonderful organic strawberries that we had just purchased at Santa Barbara’s Farmers Market.As first-time store-bought gelato buyers we did not have a clue about which brand to trust. We chose Talenti based entirely on the very distinct package which was comprised of a clear sturdy plastic container with a screw top. Talenti’s difference was glaring, in the middle of a dozen or more brands.  Best of all, the gelato tasted great! For a moment, we were transported to Italy!

Outstandingpackaging can even override the choice of another competing agent who was referred by a trusted friend.Great packaging is crucial, especially if you intend to be the market leader.

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