As a luxury real estate professional, it is important that your brand resonates emotionally with your target market.  If you strike an emotional chord with potential clients and referral sources they will remember you much better especially if you tell a compelling story.  Here are two example of what Pepsi has done to reach its target audience on an emotional level.   One works better than the other.

This commercial is very funny, but did it connect with the people who are viewing it?  Will they go out and be moved to buy Pepsi next time, because they identify with this story?  Are there enough young people in ashrams practicing martial arts?

In contrast, this second commercial, produced a few years back, hits a bull’s eye.  It also has a humorous side to it. However, it makes a strong emotional connection with its audience.  Music is an important part of the lives of teens and young adult.  This story also speaks to adults who grew up in the sixties and are still young at heart.

Do you remember the Pepsi slogan: “Come Alive—you are in the Pepsi Generation?  Pepsi out-sells Coke in the younger demographic.  They need to stay firmly on this sweet spot to continue this trend.  The first commercial was nebulous about this important brand position which needs to be communicated and amplified with laser sharp precision in order to strike the right emotional chord.

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