How is your return on investment based on the time you have spent with online social networking from a business perspective? Here is a very specific and focused application of online networking that cuts through the confusion and can yield outstanding measurable results.

In luxury real estate marketing, there is an important difference between professional networking and social networking. It is true that social networking can yield referrals. But, professional networking with synergistic non-competitive professionals within your marketplace is more deliberate and focused when it comes to generating business faster.  

Here is an example.  In your marketplace, are there any luxury homes with pools?  Doesn’t it make sense to meet the heads of the most successful pool maintenance companies in your area? How about taking the heads of the companies that design and install custom closets to lunch? Think of potential home sellers and buyers who reside in their address books!  These professionals are looking for more business too, and you may be able to introduce them to your contacts, as well.

Business networking has been around since commerce began.  The more non-competitive professionals you know the more potential referrals you get, and give. This may sound simple, but it is extremely important because it is easy to lose sight of the fundamentals with all of the hoopla of social networking.  Take the internet out of the picture for a moment and consider this: Who you know has always been key factor in your success.  

So, if increasing the number of quality professional contacts you have is a major key to success doesn’t it make sense to spend more time developing more professional relationships in a focused way, giving more referrals, and staying in contact with your sphere of influence consistently?

Bring the internet back in the picture.  Can you see how using tools like Linked In for professional networking can exponentially increase the number of potential referral sources you have and actually save you time?  It is simply a matter of focusing on finding and developing great relationships with more professionals within your local market. 

Now that you are getting measurable results from deliberate professional online networking, have a field day on social networking sites. Without the pressure of monetary expectations you probably with spontaneously generate referrals from all the new friends you meet.

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