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The key to building a high-volume luxury real estate marketing practice is developing an abundance of high-trust relationships.  The more you make the more you earn. Personal branding accelerates the process of building trust in cyberspace.

According to a recent survey by the Luxury Institute, about the ‘Social Networking Habits and Practices of the Wealthy', 7 out of 10 affluent consumers are now members of social networks. If you want to connect with more potential clients and referral sources, reach out and invest more time on these sites. It can yield big dividends if you go about it in a focused manner so that your valuable time is well spent.

With the right focus you can “stack the deck” in your favor to develop more high-trust relationships in less time. Developing a strong personal brand accelerates the attraction of high-trust relationships and referrals through the power of focused communication.

Personal brand done right harnesses the power of focused communication by making your core, authentic identity, i.e., who you are and what you stand for, explicitly and instantly clear to your target market.  Sharpness of focus quickens matchmaking because you and your target market can tell, right off the bat, if you are on the same wavelength.

Like-minded people like to do business with people like themselves because it feels so good to be on the same page.  The faster you can let your potential clients and referral sources know that you are a match, the faster you can build trust.  The faster you build trust, the faster the referrals flow provided there is reciprocity in the exchange of value for value. That is why personal branding in social networking is an imperative for luxury real estate professionals who seek market leadership.

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