This is part 2 of a 3 part series on creating a remarkable brand as a luxury real estate marketing professional. Part 1 addressed the importance of remarkable service in triggering word-of-mouth advertising. Here, in part 2 we address the importance of consistently keeping your brand’s promise.

A remarkable brand must communicate and keep its promises, consistently. Only then can you achieve brand loyalty. For instance, there is a luxury real estate firm that promises that you can speak to one of its friendly representatives 24/7, and not have to deal with voice mail. To succeed they have to consistently keep this promise which means their team must be well versed in representing their brand message. Every time the phone is answered by a live representative there is an opportunity to demonstrate and communicate the essence of their brand.

A great example of a brand that consistently keeps its promises is Nordstrom’s. If you ever need to return anything to the store, the entire sales force is trained to cheerfully accept your purchase and give you credit without any hassle. The good will that this generates is worth far more than the cost.

Another example of a brand that consistently keeps its promise is the Swiss Army Knife. It has achieved an iconic status because of its versatility, dependability and quality. Over the years the design has remained virtually the same and the product continues to sell itself. That in and of itself is remarkable!

At Napa Consultants, International our promise is to help you accelerate the process of developing an abundance of high-trust relationships that naturally lead to referrals. What is the promise of your personal or company brand?

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