As a luxury real estate marketing professional it is vitally important to deliberately clarify and craft your marketing message so that you attract your ideal clientele. As long as we interact with people, we are continuously in the process of marketing ourselves to others, presenting ourselves in such a way as to attract what we want. But, are you projecting your authentic self, the self that you would ideally like to be if you were not concerned about what others thought of you. Or, are you trying too hard to please people and lose your authenticity in the process. That is a big question!

In your luxury real estate marketing practice do you love all of your clients? Do you believe it is possible to work only with ideal clients? Are you willing to fire the clients that are not ideal? Think about what your day would be like if you only were working with your ideal clients. Would you look forward to waking up in the morning and going to work?

The great thing about working only with your ideal clients is that they usually hang out with people like themselves. That means when it comes to referring their friends and family to you, chances are their referrals are going to be ideal clients too.

To discover your authentic self, be still and quiet your mind. Get the idea that you are looking at yourself in a still body of water, like a pond or a lake. If the water is turbulent you will get a distorted image of yourself. If it is still, the water will reflect your authentic self.

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