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This is Part 1 of a 2 part series on creating a lead converting luxury real estate website.

1. Build Trust, Convert Leads

Keep in mind that your website is a relationship marketing tool. Give your visitors what they came for. Build trust, and they will give you their contact information. That is called a lead conversion.

2. Resist Clutter

Your potential and existing clients are looking at your website with a purpose in mind, their purpose. That is, they want to search and gain information about luxury homes. Limit the focus of your site to that information. Make it easy for them to find what they want in just a couple of clicks. Resist the temptation of adding weather, news feeds, and financial reports. If you are going to include mortgage think luxury, think private banker. Become a minimalist. Less is more!

3. Your Website Must Be Like a Luxury Store

Visit stores that sell luxury goods. Note the way things are displayed. The majority of the great brands do not encumber the space with every size and every item for sale. They leave room for you to admire the items, to get interested in the design. The windows are usually sparse and thematic. The entry is dramatic as well as welcoming.

4. Give Your Website the Look of Luxury

Select colors that exude luxury. Black and gold are not the only colors associated with luxury! Your website should be in concert with your personal brand and the geographical area of your marketplace.

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