Every so often, you need to put your brain and your body on pause in a grand way. We have friends who swear by the six day Transatlantic Crossing aboard the Queen Mary 2. The service is legendary as is the food. QM2 is the largest ocean liner ever built. It has every conceivable amenity on board including the Canyon Ranch Spa Club.

The company brochure bills it as “the Golden Age of Ocean Travel was a time when travel by sea embodied the good life and the Transatlantic Crossing was a rite of passage. It was a time when elegance and refined British traditions ruled the day”. Given that you arrive either in New York or England refreshed without jet lag, there is something to be said for this mode of travel as a time saver.

Ah, the ultimate luxury as expressed by our favorite Latin American toast: Salud y amor y peseta y tiempo para disfrutarlo . Simply put it means: salutations to love, money and the time to enjoy it.

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