Paris Bridges

Building an abundance of high-trust relationships with your clients is the name of the game for luxury real estate marketing. Whoever develops and maintains the most high-trust relationships wins! It is all about becoming a trusted advisor with your high net worth clientele.


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Our business partner John Ullmen, Ph.D., also teaches about high-trust relationships at UCLA Anderson School of Management. He studied managers, executives and professionals from different industries to discover what the “best of the best” do to build strong trusting relationships and social networks—invisible bridges--that generate ongoing business results such as referrals.


Ullmen and his co-author, Melissa Karz put their findings into their popular book, Invisible Bridges: Building Professional Relationships for Results. This book is a brief and powerful story that demonstrates the principles and practices of relationship building in professional life.

Here is a summary of the principles found in the book:

1. Understand The Strength Of Invisible Bridges

  • Whatever you’re reaching for, the right relationships can get you there faster, easier, and with more enjoyment.
  • Relationships lead to the best things in life.
  • Relationships are the best things in life.

2. Choose Bridges to Build

  • Decide what you want and who you’d like to connect with.
  • Find creative ways to make new connections.

3. Build Your Bridges from Both Sides

  • Find out what others value, in work and life.
  • Let others know what you want, in work and life.

4. Keep Your Bridges in Good Repair

  • Follow up on new connections, and stay in touch with your existing ones.
  • Take action for the benefit of your relationships, new ones and old ones.

5. Be Ready For New Bridges

  • Anyone can build stronger relationships at any point in their lives.
  • You never finish building relationships, and you can always get better.
  • Life-changing relationships can come anytime, anywhere. Get ready.

For a great read on building high-trust relationships in your luxury real estate marketing practice, we wholeheartedly recommend buying and reading John’s book. Click here to buy it now.

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