Studying what has already been done in luxury real estate marketing may not yield the strategy you are looking for when marketing a multi-million dollar home. Networking with marketing professionals in other fields and gleaning ideas, is now a requirement for luxury real estate market leaders. It is important to study innovative marketing in other luxury industries, in particular.

For example, BMW recently unveiled a roadster model that was built to illustrate this type of thinking. They refer to it as GINA principle. The acronym stands for Geometry and Function In Adaptation. The company is promoting innovative thinking and maximum creativity. This car was not built for production. It was built to challenge previous solutions in car design. The BMW Gina Light Visionary Model is made of engineered fabric composed of mesh netting. This netting is stretched over an aluminum wire substructure. The structure moves, stretching the fabric and changing the shape of the car. It even adjusts for the passenger. What is important here is that this exercise in innovative thinking may someday lead to a fabric that will be crash resistant and safe, and be environment friendly. It opens the door for more innovation and more solutions to come forth. It enlists the creativity of more people in the process and creates new industries.

Studying innovative marketing strategies in other fields can spark innovative ideas in your luxury real estate marketing practice. Market leadership is all about standing out.

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