As a luxury real estate marketing professional, can you quickly, clearly and succinctly state how your personal brand is different from your closest competitor's brand of doing business? The faster you can communicate this in words, in graphics, in video, in other media and also in the way you do business, the faster your potential new clients will know you are the one with whom they want to do business.

Confusing messaging slows down the client acquisition process. The clarity of your brand message speeds up sales. Get your message right if you want to increase the rapidity of client acquisition.

Apple Computers really gets it. Have you ever seen one of their Mac vs. PC TV commercials? Each commercial has one goal in mind: to get PC users to switch to Mac. The primary differentiator is Cool (Mac) vs. Stodgy (PC). Check out the video and see for yourself. Can you state how your personal brand is different in just one word?

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