A brand is not just a logo, slogan, font, color schemes, description of your business, or symbols. A brand includes the logo, slogan, etc. The purpose of a brand is to communicate and create a relationship of trust to the segment of the market you are targeting. It is nice to get your target market to choose you over your competition. However, in the context of luxury real estate marketing, the true objective of a brand is to instantly communicate that you or your company is the answer to your prospects’ most pressing problems or concerns.

Your brand needs to say, “I (or we) are the solution, there is no need to look further”. Therefore, you must clearly define your prospects’ problems and clearly express why you are the answer to their prayers. You want your clients or others to go out of their way to say that you are the only person to work with.  They will go out of their way to applaud you!

People love to promote solution minded people. They trust people who are solution minded. Investing the time to research and define your brand is invaluable. The definition of your brand becomes the keystone for your marketing strategy and the well spring from which a logo, slogan, color schemes and message flows.

How are you the answer to your clients’ prayers?

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