Color is integral to the design of your logo and you web site. Here is a brief discussion of various colors, which you can use as a guideline when you are contemplating colors for your logo or web site. It is also important that the colors are in harmony with your personality and your marketplace.

Color evokes a physiological reaction. The pituitary gland sends a message to your brain when it sees the color red. People will often say referring to a moment of anger, “I saw red!” The color red is connected with excitement, energy, and danger. Red commands attention and is provocative. Orange is known to be a hot color. It is a friendly color, it is energizing. The color yellow is equated sunshine, friendliness and warmth. Brown is considered rustic, rich and durable. Blue is dependable, and cool, such as blue skies water and a true blue friend. The color green is soothing, refreshing, and healing. The color purple is regal, sensual and elegant. White is lightweight, pristine and pure. Black is strong, powerful, mysterious, classic and elegant.

Here is picture of the UPS logo. It is brown and yellow. Their ads refer to their primary color which is brown. The meaning is clear they are durable, i.e. reliable. The yellow refers to their friendliness.

Brioni specializes in the sale of handmade men’s suits. Their logo color is a light red on white. The concept of attention (red) and (white) purity in handmade suits made of the finest fabrics expresses the brand. A handmade suit is appropriate for someone who commands attention, such as an actor or a CEO of company. Among their famous customers are Rudy Guliani, Pierce Brosnan, and the Rockefeller family.

Are your colors communicating your strategy, your personality, and your marketplace?

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