Luxury real estate marketing professionals attend seminars and workshops in order to improve their knowledge of technology, marketing techniques, and new laws which affect their business. As they walk out, they feel all fired up, armed and up to date with the latest and greatest. Are they? Or do they just know about it? Is there power in that knowledge? Yes, in terms of being aware of what is going on and no if you don’t learn how to apply it.

Do you take the time to apply what you have learned? Or, do you just stash all the workbooks and software you buy in your “one of these days, I will get to it” closet?

Everyone knows that yeast makes dough rise when you are making bread or certain pastries. This is a tidbit of information in the art of making bread or pastries. Knowing how yeast works does not make you a master baker or a pastry chef. In order to become a master baker, you have to learn about flour, yeast, oven temperatures, and the role of humidity to achieve a great result. And of course, you have to actually practice making bread over and over until you achieve the perfect result.

We have learned the art of baking bread and have even made croissants. However, we are perfectly willing to buy baked goods instead of making them ourselves. Our hands-on knowledge of baking has made us discerning and appreciative customers, and that is its own power.

We encourage you to take the time to apply what you have learned and put it into practice consistently if it adds to your winning formula. Otherwise, clear out that closet! Once you have applied the knowledge you have acquired it is also easy to delegate the application of it to another. Knowledge is only partial power. The application of knowledge is true power.

Speaking of dough, check out the innovative game created by Bernice Ross and Byron Van Arsdale, called Real Estate Dough. It is fun and educational, and can only add power to your game.

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