Scarcity of time is one of the main complaints of luxury real estate marketing professionals. Do you feel like you do not have enough time in a day? Do you feel like you are always in a rush?

Our answer is to try a new mantra, “I have plenty of time”. Repeat that over and over again. We realize that this may be new territory. Play along! Try saying, today, “I have plenty of time” to enjoy doing____________, going to________________, and being with________________. You will find that in time you have your schedule full of activities you like doing.

The best route to gaining more time is doing only what you love to do the most and delegating everything else to others. Give away anything that you don’t like to do to others who love to do that type of task.

Check into virtual assistants. They live to unburden you of tasks that you do not really enjoy doing. Concerned about the cost of virtual assistants? Think about all of the missed opportunities to increase your income that are slipping through the cracks because you are too busy to notice them or do not have time to follow up on them.

This is a wonderful world with an abundance of resources and people to meet your needs. How will you find them? By saying “I have plenty of time” to enjoy discovering all life’s treasures.

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