Old Amsterdam quilt pattern

No doubt, most of you in the luxury real estate arena are aware of the rushing rivers of social networks. You may already be a member of several networks for business, for friendships or for special interests.

Joining a network to share your photos of family with other members of your clan is fun and a great way to stay in touch. Special interest networks such as handicraft networks are very successful, because the members are bound by a similar passion. They communicate regularly with each other and know each others’ expertise. They even buy each others’ work or supplies. They are a resource for each other. Like the family, they stay in touch and participate in each other’s endeavors with the common bond of their interest in handicrafts.

Professional social networks should be looked at in terms of building common bonds. It is like creating a quilt with a  common thread or pattern. It is easier to introduce yourself to others who share your values and interests. However, if you do not make an effort to reach out and actually meet other people the usefulness of the networks will be minimal. Yes, that’s right! You may actually need to pick up the phone and give someone in your network a call.

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