By Ron & Alexandra Seigel, Partners--Napa Consultants, International

Spontaneous Acts of Kindness

Opportunities abound for luxury real estate marketing professionals to promote themselves within their communities without spending a dime. Spontaneous acts of kindness can go a long way to create good will and also earn big commissions. To illustrate this principle, here is a story about an unlikely homecoming queen and a photographer who volunteered her services only to get the "brass ring" she was aiming for without even asking for it.

Our friend the photographer wanted to become the official photographer for students (especially grads) the private high school that her own daughters attended. The previous photographer retired so the job was up for grabs. This was a prestigious job in her profession as it often lead to family portraits of the affluent families in her community.

Our friend became aware of an exciting story brewing on campus regarding the upcoming coronation of the homecoming queen who would be chosen by a vote. The voters were comprised of the entire student body, the administration and also the faculty. One of the candidates was a girl on scholarship whose single mother cleaned houses for a living. She was loved by everyone. The other competing candidates were equally wonderful girls from affluent families. These girls decided that the scholarship gal should be the homecoming queen and set out to secretly make it happen.

When our friend heard about this from her daughters she was so moved that she offered to provide the photography of the homecoming coronation event at no charge. A wonderful conspiracy was gaining momentum. One of the competitor's parents took all the candidates to the hairdresser. It was the first time the scholarship girl had her hair done professionally. Another parent took them shopping and bought everyone dresses and accessories.

The results were announced at the football game. Our friend was in the know about the outcome and positioned her camera to catch the look of surprise and joy on the winner's face. The picture turned out beautifully and she used it in her company ad, congratulating everyone.

Wonderful things started happening to our friend the photographer. First, the school contracted with her to do the photos for the year book. Then, many parents recommended her, and had their family portraits taken by her.

A spontaneous act of kindness resulted in securing the coveting position of school photographer. She just naturally wanted to contribute her expertise to make someone's day that much better. She was not asking for the photography job, she was volunteering and making her brand known. We also rallied behind her and sent a considerable amount of work her way because of her genuine kindness and this story.