By Ron & Alexandra Seigel, Partners--Napa Consultants, International

The Luxury Real Estate Marketing Keys For Personal Branding - Part 5 of 5


This is Part 5 of a 5 part article series on the Luxury Real Estate Marketing Keys for Personal Branding. In this article we discuss the refining of your marketing message.

As a recap of this article series, we covered four of the five Luxury Real Estate Marketing Keys for Personal Branding. In this article, we discuss the fifth Key: Refinement of your marketing message.

Here are the Five Luxury Real Estate Marketing Keys for Personal Branding:

1. Self Definition-- clarifying your values, beliefs, passions, personality, unique talents and abilities

2. Personal Alignment--eliminating self-contradictions

3. Centering-quieting your mind so that you can experience your unique personal selling proposition

4. Your Unique Selling Proposition- articulating how you are distinct from your competition

5. Refinement-distilling your marketing message

In previous articles in this series we used pottery as a metaphor for the personal branding process. First you need to determine what you want to make (Self-Definition). Then you wedge or knead some raw clay and align the molecules (for structural integrity) and eliminate the air bubbles (self-contradictions). To give the clay shape you center it on the wheel and keep it centered as you pull up the sides from the center. This takes concentration and a quiet mind. Finally you articulate the details of the shape of your composition ( a vase was used in the example), and let it dry, partially overnight.

The final step prior to firing the vase in a kiln is called trimming which involves cutting away the excess clay of the partially dry vase. Trimming is also done on the wheel. It requires the same mental concentration to keep the vase centered while reducing the thickness of the sides and bottom. It is a balancing process of cutting away the excess without compromising the architecture of vase.

In personal branding, the goal is to reduce or refine the marketing message of one's unique selling proposition or the unique promise of value, as we like to refer to it, to just a few words. What emerges from this process is a laser sharp marketing message that differentiates you from your competition.

The true test of the trimming or refinement process is whether or not you can communicate the essence of your brand, your unique promise of value, in a single image, a symbol and/or a slogan. Nike is the Greek goddess of victory. In three very refined words their slogan communicates their entire promise of value (personal victory), "Just Do It"!