Not so long ago during the dark ages prior to the invention of the smart phones, this form of social media (now obsolete) was practiced with great success. Last week, as we were having breakfast at the Summerland Café, Ron pointed out this phone plug in for a land-line in our booth. 

There was a time when aspiring and famous actors and actresses as well as businessmen would tip the bellman at the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Bel Air Hotel, and other posh hotels in Los Angeles (while dining at the restaurants, or sunning themselves at the pool) to announce over the intercom that they had a telephone call.  

Everyone would know that someone important was there.  Delighted to be "in the know” tongues would wag to spread the news.. This social media technique would occasionally benefit the "important" person.  They would be noticed for a part in a movie, or a deal would be signed.  

Gossip columnists would get a call, and have a scoop for their papers.  Then with great panache, the bellman would bring a phone on a silver tray, plug it into the wall.  And they would act reluctantly that they "just had" to take this call..  

When we were in the final negotiations in buying our home in Los Angeles, our friends took us out for breakfast at the Bel Air Hotel to celebrate the sale. Ron told the host who seated us, we were expecting a call. He also told him not to announce us over the intercom.  We were not out to make ourselves known to anyone there (not that we were even remotely famous), unlike our friends who were well known in the music industry.  Our friend was (and still is) one of the managers of the Eagles, REO Speedwagon, Journey, Christina Aguillera, and the songwriters of "Like A Virgin." This song put Madonna on the charts. 

As expected, the listing agent  called.  We have to admit that it was a thrill to have a phone delivered to our booth.  After breakfast we were going to her office to sign the final papers. He and his wife were thrilled for us, and ordered a bottle of Champagne to celebrate.

Happy Friday, wishing you all a great weekend!