When you understand your marketplace and where the fish are biting, you may have to narrow or expand your target market if that is where the sales are happening.  Chances are the market leader is complacent because no one is challenging them, and they have sold the aura that they are the expert in that market/niche.  No one is aware that there is an alternative choice.  It presents an opportunity for a smart real estate agent to step in and really take over, by creating a new brand and a new marketing strategy.

This morning while shopping at our favorite gourmet markets, we noticed this new brand of cat food in the cat food aisle. This cat food is sold at one the high end grocery stores in Santa Barbara. How does this cat food pictured above relate to luxury or any other niche in real estate?  Here is the analysis:

This market is located in one of the oldest and wealthiest communities here.  

The breed of the cat pictured is rare and expensive.  It is a Bengal ,known for being highly intelligent and playful.  

The words "natural" ingredients speaks to the soul of their owners, as well as other owners of cats with pedigrees.  

It also speaks to those who have shelter cats and treat them like aristocrats, aka aristocats.

The price is much higher that other dry cat foods available stating that the ingredients are of a higher quality.

The brand name is clever and it implies that your cat will be ultra-happy eating Applaws, which give hope to those who are owners of finicky cat eaters.

According to management, this brand is doing well on its shelves.

When you are marketing in the right venue and in the language of the marketplace you are setting yourself for success using the power of perception and positioning.