Like people, brands have personalities usually reflecting the ownership of the company and their place in the marketplace.  Yesterday, as we were leaving Beverly Hills and waiting for the light to turn green on Sunset Boulevard we noticed this truck in front of us.  Among all the mobile groomers we see while on the road, this one stood out. 

We liked the play on the word potpourri (referring to a mixture of things) to petpourri (they groom both cats and dogs).  The basket labeled cats and dogs was full of happy creatures.  If we needed this service, they would certainly be one we would interview.   We like fun brand personalities when it comes to the pet world, these folks would be on our wave length.

When we work on branding a luxury real estate company or agent, one of the facets we focus on is personality.  The brand has to reflect the personality of the company owner or the individual.  Personality attracts people to you, and people like dealing with people they can relate to, people like themselves.  

Does your brand have a personality?