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One of the biggest challenges that luxury real estate professional face when marketing new construction, whether it is a single-family residence or an entire master planned community is bridging the imagination gap. Most prospective buyers have difficulties envisioning the completed project and picturing what it would be like to live there. Getting the right marketing message across with 3D animation with advanced lighting and motion tracking solves this problem by bringing architecture, interiors and landscape to life.

We are excited to introduce you to this new video technology that became part of our brand strategy for the marketing of an ultra-luxurious condominium community in Ocean Reef, Florida. This video below was a collaborative endeavor between three companies. We were responsible for developing the brand, writig  the script, i.e., the marketing message and we oversaw the editing, that was artfully executed by an Emmy Award winning videographer who also narrated the video and selected the music. An international firm who specializes in 3D animation provided the video footage.

Utilizing this technology allowed our marketing message to be heard because we were able to bridge the imagination gap.  We are delighted to report that the project is preselling even before breaking ground.

In Part 2 of this article series we will demonstrate other ways we were able to bridge the imagination gap on the project’s website.