Great branding enables you to adroitly communicate your extraordinary promise of value through a distilled message expressed verbally, through symbols (your graphic brand identity) and through your actions. It instantly tells your target market that you are the answer to their prayers. Consistently communicating your brand’s distinct message gives you muscle in your marketplace.

That is exactly what the owner of Hope Ranch Mussels has done. Discovering an uncontested market niche at the Santa Barbara Farmer’s Market they are the only purveyors of local mussels in the market. The brand’s association with Hope Ranch was an excellent choice for the company’s name.

Hope Ranch is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Santa Barbara. Although, it is a gated community the gates are open to the public.  It is the only Santa Barbara community with a private beach.  Naturally, the brand’s name is associated with quality.

Last weekend we had a craving for Moules Marinières (Sailor-Style Mussels), a recipe that we associate with several wonderful trips to the Provence region of France. Our friend at Hope Ranch took the time to share the entire process of growing and harvesting his mussels and gave us his instructions to prepare them.

Garlic, leeks and shallots in a butter wine sauce brought out the full flavor of the mussels. We grilled slices of a French baguette for dipping purposes, opened a bottle of Santa Barbara Winery’s best Chardonnay and we were transported to Nice!

Hope Ranch Mussels now occupies top-of-mind status in the category of purveyors of mussels in our minds and many, many other locals who appreciate this type of seafood. The brand name is easy to remember, too. Great branding gives you muscle in your marketplace!