We are often asked by our real estate clients to develop an extraordinary brand package for their listing presentation and other marketing materials.  They understand that this type of presentation is an added incentive for a seller or a buyer to sign with them. 

Extraordinary Packaging sells. This is the reason marketing budgets are generous and focused on coming up with great packaging.  Pictured above, is an example of great packaging for peaches.   What caught our attention were the colors, the transparency and the thoughtfulness behind the design.

The colors are bright: sunshine yellows, vivid greens of the leaves, and the luscious reddish colors of ripe peaches.  Colors appeal to our emotional senses.  We remember the joy of biting into a perfect peach with the juices running down our faces. It evokes the taste and warmth of summer!

The design is a delight.  The bottom of the package is designed to look like a basket of fruit, which nestles the fruit perfectly. The bag looks good on a kitchen counter.  We loved the zipper lock and the fact that the bag has breathing holes for the fruit as it ripens, which sets off a heady aroma.  The sign on the chalkboard reminded us of a farmer's fruit stand further emphasizing the romance of summer.

When we purchased a bag, there were three large bins full of these.  The next day, when we learned we were going to be also in charge of bringing dessert for dinner with friends, we went back to get another bag to make a peach tarte-tatin.  Twenty four hours later, there was only one small bin of these left.

Picture your marketing materials on a seller’s coffee table.  Will it give you the edge over another real estate package because it is extraordinary, or will it just blend in with all the other presentations?