Romanticizing the lifestyle of your marketplace sells homes because it provides an emotional context. Romanticizing the lifestyle in your marketplace as part of your blog's content, engages buyers, increases your blog subscribers and propels them to make decisions.

A comprehensive marketing plan should include lifestyle. Real estate and lifestyle go hand in hand.  Adding lifestyle as part of your blog's content will increase your subscription roll.   After someone buys a home, they may be interested in what the home in the neighborhood sold for.  They may also like to know how the market is doing once in a while

The added value of your blog to a new homeowner is to share with them what is happening in your marketplace in terms of lifestyle.  This would include shopping, restaurants, events and entertainment.  As a longtime resident, you no doubt know of special "local" places and various hidden gems that cannot be found in guidebooks.

One of the reasons potential clients and referral sources follow your blog is because it speaks to their interests and values.  The connection and often the referrals happen when they find out that you have the same interests that they do. It is easier to relate to interests as a starting point.  And yes, it is obvious that you know the latest real estate statistics, too.