The ultimate of being successful is the luxury of giving yourself the time to what you want to do
— Leontyne Price-,One of the first African-Americans to become a leading artist at the Metropolitan Opera

If you are or aspire to become a luxury real estate marketing professional, it is important to have a clear definition of what luxury really is. The word luxury has become ubiquitous with marketing anything expensive. What makes something truly luxurious? Does it have to be expensive, rare, or just have a name brand? Or has luxury evolved into signifying something beyond value that only money can buy?

Luxury used to connote a product or service with a history of tradition, impeccable quality, and a pleasurable buying experience. It was associated with the highest standards of materials and production and only the most skillful artisans were allowed to work on these items. When those items were sold, the potential customers were treated to an experience of shopping that matched the quality of the item sold.

The meaning of luxury has evolved to include the intangibles.  In our busy world, luxury for many has become synonymous with a desire for more time and space.   It is the time to do something outside the daily routines of life.  It is the time to enjoy special moments and extraordinary experiences. 

In luxury homes this has been translated to includes amenities such as gyms, spas, the man cave and the she shack.  It explains the desire for large acreage, beautiful landscapes to wander through, tennis courts, bowling alleys and infinity pools.

What is luxury?  It is something we all have to define for ourselves.  Everyone has the freedom to choose what luxury can be, out of the normal boundaries of daily activity and routines.    The fundamental luxury we all have is to dream and make decisions without being influenced by traditional constructs, and social constraints, which means setting ourselves free by breaking out to soar freely! What is your definition of luxury?