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Taboo branding and marketing is a great way to attract someone's attention.  In our time starved world, it can do the job effectively.  It has value in that it takes a person out of their humdrum existence, and gets them to notice the brand.  

Yesterday evening, we stopped at Carpinteria wine to have Jane the owner suggest a Zinfandel for our spicy dinner plans.  Zin is always a great match to spicy and smoked foods.

As we were discussing the pros and cons of several labels, we spotted this case of Zyn-Phomaniac, pictured above. Their slogan is hilarious also, "Zyn-Phomaniac, You can never have enough!"  

This Zin has won numerous awards, however, not enough to convince us to buy a bottle, just enough to convince to write a post about it. Here is the description from the website,

                                       The Sensuous Zin

Lush, fruit-forward Old Vines Zin from the well-regarded Lodi appellation. Smooth, full-bodied, arousing dark fruit aromas and rich, spicy flavors with a bold voluptuous mouth feel."

We do appreciate their taboo branding, and we have no doubt they will attract their perfect buyers and Zin lovers.

Would we recommend this type of branding or marketing for real estate? We have seen it done on several occasions.  It has shock value and can work to attract sellers, because the taboo effect is silently implying that the listing broker and agent will do whatever it takes to get the property sold.  Some sellers respond to this, and some sellers would not.  It depends on your marketplace.