The French Laundry is a 3 star Michelin rated restaurant located in Yountville, California, a quaint small city in the Napa Valley. The building pictured above was built in the 1900’s and is on the National Register of Historic Places.  It started life as a saloon. Subsequently, it was sold to a French laundry, which specializes in cleaning fine fabrics, silk, lace or linen. 

Its next incarnation was a restaurant run by Don Shmidt, then mayor of Yountville, and his wife, Sally. He then sold it to Thomas Keller in 1994, and history in the culinary world was made.

Every day, the French Laundry serves two different nine-course tasting menus. What is remarkable is that the ingredients in each course are only used once. The food is mainly French with American influences.  The French Laundry has a large organic vegetable and herb garden, as well as a greenhouse across the street..


Brand Identity Details


Little details leave big impressions when it comes to brand identity.  They are the essence of what makes an experience unforgettable!  It demonstrates that an abundance of thought was given to the brand. The branded clothespins pictured above were attached to large white napkins in lieu of a napkin rings.

Be sure to note, that one side has the name, the other side has the website on it.  We attached them to the bag that was handed to us as we left the restaurant.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post as we reveal the contents of the bag.