Are you passionate about the luxury real estate niche you have chosen? If not, find a niche that you can become passionate about, because passion is what it takes to follow your dreams to fruition.

You may have heard the expression, “If you build it they will come”, from the movie, Field of Dreams. That is exactly what Bob Oswaks, marketing executive-turned baker did. He discovered his passion and calling to open a high quality, artisan bakery/restaurant and he had the guts to change careers and follow his bliss.

We recently drove north of Santa Barbara to the tiny, remote, Wine Country town of Los Alamos just to have breakfast at Bob’s Well Bread because the buzz was irresistible. We had heard exuberant, unsolicited recommendations from two friends on separate occasions; both were practically drooling when they described Bob’s hand-made, old-world style breads, croissants and other baked goods. And, the place was packed when we arrived!

Was it worth the one-hour drive?  Absolutely!  Bob’s almond croissant was spectacular; it had the perfect balance of crispy-crunchy crust on the outside and tender elasticity on the inside, and it also had just the right amount of sweetness. Our only disappointment was that we did not have room for the chocolate almond croissant. But, alas, this bakery is etched in our memory and a return trip is inevitable [i.e., soon].

Although it is best to eat your bread at the peak of freshness, according to Bob,  “From our natural fermentation, to our high-hydration doughs, Bob’s Well Bread is artisan bread that will last for many days (if you don’t eat it all!).”

Our hats are off to Bob for building his dream bakery, for changing careers and pursuing an uncontested market niche in California’s Central Coast Wine Country. The moral of Bob’s story: If you want to make more “dough", find a luxury real estate market niche that you can be passionate about!

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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