The South Korean cosmetic industry has exploded in recent years.  In 2015 it became a $2.75 billion industry growing 54% over the previous year.  The Koreans, both men and women, are even more fastidious about their complexions and vibrancy regimen than their US counterparts.  However, they have found true believers in Americans who are now spending more than ever on anti-aging creams and treatments.

One of the main ingredients in some of the most popular South Korean cosmetic products is snail slime. To go along with the regimen, you simply have to get over your mental connotations of these creatures.   Snails were first used in Greece to reduce inflammation. Workers farming escargots noticed that their hands looked younger and smoother.

What is exciting about this trend, from a strategic branding standpoint, is that the South Korean cosmetic companies discovered a niche that they could collectively dominate in their quest for global market leadership.  This is an industry that has been dominated by the French and Americans for centuries.  The South Koreans have created a luxury product category that stands out in a very crowded field. 

Both mainstream American and European cosmetic lines are now playing catch up by including snail slime in their products.  If you are in New York, there is even a plastic surgeon offering the “Escarglow” facial for $300, which includes needling in the slime.

If you find yourself in a highly competitive luxury real estate marketplace, do not panic. The key to standing out is to “slime in” with a new angle for which you can become well known.  But, will it last? Yes, we are laughing out loud!

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel- 

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