In Part 1 of this article series we stated the importance of clearly articulating your brand’s position, the core values that your brand stands for.  This speeds up the process of attracting potential clients who are a value-match to your brand vs. your competition and galvanizes the support of your loyal referral base.

A master class in brand positioning is now taking place on the world stage that will help us make this extremely important yet often misunderstood concept of brand positioning crystal clear. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, is taking a firm position against the US Government’s court order to open up the iPhone of an alleged terrorist to the scrutiny of the FBI.  

Apple stands for PRIVACY. Steve Jobs established this core value early on (see 3-minute video below). This brand position allows Apple to sharply contrast their brand with regard to their closest competitor, Alphabet’s Google/Android, whose entire business model depends on collecting as much personal data about you as possible and then monetizing it via ads or revenue sharing on transactions.

As we move closer and closer to a world where artificial intelligence (AI) can anticipate your needs and desires because it knows so much about you, both Apple and Google/Android want to be on the forefront.  The difference is that your personal data from your iPhone, for example, is collected on your phone itself and not passed along to Apple. Whereas, with an Android phone your phone’s personal data is uploaded to the Android cloud where it is correlated and synthesized with all other data collected about you from all other Google products.

Consumers are divided on this subject of valuing their privacy. Some do not care. Others are not aware of the extent to which their personal information is being collected. Nor, are they aware of the potential consequences of this practice.

We are not trying to advocate one position over the other in this article. The point is that by taking a strong public stance for privacy as their brand position and gaining tremendous publicity, Apple is galvanizing their core customer base that values privacy and winning over others who were not aware of the extent to which their personal information was being collected or monetized. 

This amplification of their core value as a brand position may cost Apple some customers as well.  But if, in the future, privacy becomes even more important they will easily win them back.  That is because Apple stands for privacy in their minds regardless of whether or not privacy is their core value now.

Trying to win over those with whom you are not a value-match is a waste of time and money.  Using sales techniques simply cannot work because they are not on your wavelength to begin with. Define your brand position, take a stance, and then focus your marketing time and money on those who are value-matches!

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel- 

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