Any fool can know. The point is to understand.
— Albert Einstein

Luxury real estate marketing professionals are regularly inundated with marketing information and techniques. Knowing these techniques may give you knowhow, but without an in depth understanding of your particular target market, it will not empower you to win them over as clients.

Each luxury real estate marketplace is unique. What is relevant and works in one community does not necessarily work in another.  Here are two examples:

In the downtown area of Boston, two communities within blocks of each other are distinctly different in terms of the home buyers that are attracted to live there.  The Back Bay has a traditional feel vs. the South End, which is more contemporary.

Billboard marketing is an effective means of luxury real estate marketing in the Napa Valley, California.  One of our market leading clients has several billboards along the wine route. These billboards are effective.  Her phone rings with new business and her top-of-mind status is maintained.  In the neighboring City of Sonoma, this would not work.  However, in parts of Sonoma County along Highway 101, billboards bring in substantial business to real estate agents.

Is Knowledge Power? It is important to stay up to date with marketing ideas and techniques. Power comes from understanding the mindset of the people in your marketplace, their lifestyle preferences, attitudes, and aspirations.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel- 

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