Caruso Flagship Store in Milan, Italy

Caruso Flagship Store in Milan, Italy

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Excellent staging in marketing luxury real estate or showcasing luxury products can accelerate the speed of sales because it swiftly engages the imagination of the consumer. It allows you to set a positive tone for the sales process and makes the client or customer more inclined to buy.

Co-incidentally, on the day we were set to see The Marriage of Figaro at La Scala in Milan during our recent trip to Italy, we had the good fortune to discover a sensational new men’s clothing brand, called Caruso.  It is named after the famous Italian operatic tenor, Enrico Caruso who was under contract with La Scala at the age of 27 in 1900. 

The distinct mannequins in their flagship store window grabbed our attention, as did the view all the way to the end of the store that created the effect of the customer being "on stage" at the theatre. At Caruso, the customer is the STAR! They get the importance of staging. The “set design” was so compelling that it was next to impossible to just walk by without checking out their fine clothing. 

Caruso is known for its innovative fabrics, especially “gobigold”, made of pure camel which is used in suits for the first time in the history of men’s clothing–or mixed with merino wool for jackets, coats and sportswear. Only 2000 tons of wool is produced from the camels that live in northern Asia in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. And, just 30% is suitable for clothing.

The touch of this fabric was amazing! It is so incredibly soft, stretchy and lightweight that you cannot make it wrinkle even when you bunch it together in your hand.  If you are in New York, visit Caruso next door to the Four Seasons Hotel, and feel this fabric for yourself!

Think of ways in which you can use staging to accelerate your sales. Check out Part 3 of this article series as we highlight one of the most provocative and outrageous examples of staging we have ever seen in a woman’s clothing store: Moschino.


Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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