When our friends Debb James and Bernie Stea introduced us to a small local eatery in Camas, Washington, we enjoyed one the best breakfast experiences in our lifetime. And, we wished that someone would open a comparable restaurant in our own neighborhood in Santa Barbara.

Our wish came true! The funny thing was that The Worker Bee Café has been here for decades and is literally walking distance from our home, in our sleepy beach town of Carpinteria. We learned four years ago that it was one of the best-kept secrets in town. But, we thought we were too late because it sold four years ago, and heard it “just wasn’t the same”.

As a fluke, we decided to check it out and discovered that, under the new management of a father and son team (Chef Rick & Rick Sr.) it is now even BETTER!

The free-range farm-fresh eggs come from their family-owned “ranchette” in nearby Ojai Valley. They feature jalapeno infused bacon, corn beef hash that rivals the best New York delis, and bake their own gluten-free breads and muffins. Customers say that once you try their gluten-free cinnamon French toast you will never go back to gluten-rich breads again. Our eyes popped when we saw their waffle served at the next table.

We love The Worker Bee Café and cannot wait to go back to sample more items on their innovative menu. Sometimes locals want things to stay the same for iconic landmarks like these local restaurants. But, we just learned that giving new owners a try just added to the quality of our life, here in town. As, John Lennon would say, "Give Bees a Chance"!

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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