One of the true luxuries of life is discovering your own resourcefulness, your “inner hero”. As a luxury real estate marketing professional look for ways to become a local hero. It is a great way to become better known in your community and thus expand your potential referral base, because you will gain a reputation as a problem solver. But, more importantly, you will gain more certainty of your abilities. 

Here is an example of someone who discovered her inner hero by becoming a local hero.

The water hyacinth may look like an undamaging, even gorgeous flowering plant. Actually, it is an invasive aquatic weed that clogs waterways throughout the world. 

Water hyacinth is one of the fastest growing and virulent plants known. When not controlled it will cover lakes, rivers and ponds and dramatically impact water flow. Left unchecked it blocks sunlight, starves the water of oxygen, often killing fish and can become a prime habitat for mosquitos that can spread disease.

In Lagos, Nigeria it has stopped commerce, interfered with schooling and disrupted daily life.  But, one woman, a “green entrepreneur”, Achenyo Idachaba, saw an opportunity to turn weeds into beautiful woven products.  

Schooled in the USA, this modern “alchemist” returned to her native country and discovered a way to transform adversity into prosperity.  She orchestrated communities of workers to dry the plants and create rope, furniture, handbags that generated revenue. 

Discover your inner-hero, your inner resourcefulness. That alone can help you attract more business.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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