The best luxury real estate marketing accomplishes what great marketing does for any product or service. It clearly articulates and communicates your Extraordinary Promise of Value (EPV) to your target market. It magnifies the “pain or stress points” and promises to alleviate the pain.  Essentially, it is the answer to the prayers of your target market.

If you are a fan of Shark Tank you may have heard of The Beard King.  Their slogan is “Fear the Beard, not the Mess”.

The Beard King is a bib that you tie around your neck and then attach the corners to your mirror using its built-in suction cups.  When you trim your beard the bib catches your shaved facial hair and prevents a mess to occur in the sink and counter. This makes cleanup easy for guys and averts aggravation for gals when those pesky missed facial follicles wind up in their make up or on the counter.

To amplify the pain this hilarious video, that reportedly has gone viral, goes for the male jugular: the possibility of no sex if the problem is not solved. And, it appeals to women who very well might be the one who purchases The Beard King for her beau. A better sex life is one compelling EPV!

In marketing luxury real estate one of the greatest pain points is a concern about not being able to trust the person you hire to list your home.  To alleviate that stress you need to be able to let your target market immediately know that you share their values, you understand their particular needs and can thus be trusted.

Communicating your Extraordinary Promise of Value to your target market is the essence of marketing.  If, and only if, it is your personal style, humor can be a great way to accomplish this.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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