To stand out from the crowd of undistinguishable luxury real estate marketing professionals you must offer your target market an extraordinary value proposition. Otherwise, you become a commodity and your value diminishes significantly, not to mention your income potential.

What makes a value proposition extraordinary?  It is the ADDED VALUE above and beyond all commoditized services offered by your competitors. This can be a self-expressive value like the feeling of prestige that your clients may experience by being associated with your personal or company brand.  It can also be something that you do better than anyone else in the world (in your marketplace or a niche therein).

Roughly 1000 companies now make smartphones.  Apple sells only 20% of all smartphones.  Yet, Apple now earns 92% of the total operating income among smartphone makers.  Its competitors mostly use Google’s Android operating system, which makes it extremely difficult to distinguish their offerings. This has prompted the competition to duke it out for the middle and lower priced phones. Apple has positioned itself as a luxury brand, and dominates the premium smartphone market.

In the PC industry, prices have also plunged.  Apple’s Mac line only accounts for 6 out of 100 computers sold, according to Bernstein Research. Yet, Apple enjoyed over 50% of industry profits last year.

Superior quality, design and the best customer service on the planet justifies Apple’s premium price. This is Apple’s added value.

What is your extraordinary promise of value?  What added value to your bring to the luxury real estate listing table?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel- 

ABOUT:  Napa Consultants, International is the leader in brand strategy for the luxury real estate industry.  They work exclusively with professionals who are passionate about gaining or sustaining market leadership. With an expertise in personal branding, company branding, luxury real estate website design and social media marketing they help their clients become the breakaway brand in their marketplace.