Finding your perfect brand name is essential to having a successful luxury real estate practice or firm. Ideally, your name should be is easy to remember and also be impactful.  Here is an example from the shoe industry.

The comfortable shoe industry is a $300 billion a year trade. It is continuing to grow rapidly. Women and men over 35 have been asking for a shoe that has both style and comfort.   Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole is one of the latest entries in this industry.  The brand is a play on word: souls vs. soles. The word “gentle” evokes comfort and ease.

In just two words Gentle Souls communicated this brand’s entire value proposition.  The precision of communication is what makes it perfect. Not only is it easy to remember, it is also easy to share with others, thus facilitating word-of-mouth advertising.

What is the perfect brand name for you?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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